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Course scheduling

Thank you for working with us.

  • Contact the customer with 24 hours to schedule course and introduce yourself from My Intensive Course
  • It is advised not to schedule the course for no sooner than 7 days to ensure the customers payments are in
  • You will be paid in full 48 hours before the confirmed start date
  • We will check the start date with the customer
  • If the start date is sooner than 7 days we will arrange payment ASAP
  • You are bound by our terms of working with us
  • You will get a £10 bonus for all successfully completed courses when you submit the “claim my bonus” link
  • You may qualify for payment guarantee if the customer has not paid by the start date
  • You need to accept a suitable driving test date you will be sent by SMS
  • The course MUST run as directed when you accepted the customer
  • If you have worked with us in the past we do not need your bank details again unless they have changed

Course Scheduling

  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • :
  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
    We aim to secure a test to as close to this date as possible
  • You will be paid by bank transfer 48 hours before your first confirmed in car session.
  • We will only send your first name and mobile number
  • By selecting "yes" you are confirming you have made yourself aware of the latest terms of working with My Intensive Course and agree you are liable for a full refund to My Intensive Course should any of your actions lead to the customer requesting a refund or change of course instructor. Furthermore, you are agreeing to complete all the course hours in full in accordance with our pre-set terms and conditions. Failure to comply will result in My Intensive Course claiming back by any means necessary, in full any payment made to you the course instructor. Also, if your actions lead to a full refund of the course deposit also, this will be claimed back in full from you, the assigned course instructor.