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ADI Partner

ADI Partner Program – Terms and Conditions


Before we can send you, pre-paid pupils you will need to agree to the following tems and conditions. Please take time to read through them. There is nothing scary, simply an understanding of what we expect with the partnership between us.


Dear partner instructor

During the process of signing up, you agreed to our terms of working with us. Below is a printed copy for your reference, but don’t worry, there is nothing in there that you would not expect to find. It is all about protecting the business and the customers. There is a similar set the customers must sign up to, thus protecting you, the invaluable course instructors.

Signing up

Here at My Intensive Course, we are an equal opportunities company and encourage the recruitment of approved driving instructors from all backgrounds. We will never turn down an application of an ADI based on, race, sexuality, or religion. These are not questions we ask in the recruitment process. However, if you feel comfortable divulging any information this may become an advantage as every day, we have new customers who specify the personality they prefer. However, we will never take a booking from any customer who displays any prejudice.

Your personal information

To work with My Intensive Course, we require an amount of personal information, such as, name, address, ADI number and contact details. We also ask for some optional information, such as, MOT expiry, insurance expiry, other languages. This information is used to prompt you when your MOT is due for renewal or if a customer asks for a specific language. However, regardless of the information provided, My Intensive Course, will never share any of your personal or non-personal information with any other company.


My Intensive Course, will issue you an ID badge when signing up to work with us as customers often ask this question, especially when all ADI vehicles are normally decorated in your own branding or a franchise branding.

Welcome pack

My Intensive Course, will send you a welcome pack by post when you sign up to work with us.


Here at My Intensive Course, it is company policy to work exclusively with fully qualified ADI’s on the DVSA register of approved driving instructor. We do not work with a PDI as it is possible the PDI may not qualify as an ADI, and this can happen at any point after being allocated pupils. Furthermore, as a business run by ADI’s it is our belief there is a degree of experience relevant to fulfilling an intensive course that can only be obtained by working through the final, part 3 qualifying exam.

Your car

Your car is a workspace and by law you are not allowed to smoke inside, even when the car is not in use for paid tuition. Should you turn up for any in car session with a customer provided by My Intensive Course, the customer has the right to reject the session without penalty of losing hours or money. It is also your responsibility to ensure your car meets the criteria to be used for driving tuition and the driving test. The legal requirements are entirely your responsibility. Furthermore, you are responsible for the interior cleanliness. We recommend you regularly clean out your vehicle as the DVSA can also refuse your car for test and the fee will be lost. Should this happen with a customer provide d by, My Intensive Course, you will be liable for another test fee, currently at, £62.

Smoking & vaping in your car

It is against the law to smoke in your car if it is being used as a place of work. This also applies if the car is entirely owned by you. Also, there is no current law in respect of the use of a vape / ecig in your car, it is unpleasant to other who do not smoke or vape. My Intensive Course will not support you, the ADI in pursuit of payments if a customer cancels at short notice.

How we offer courses

At My Intensive Course we have several ways of offering you courses. We currently have an app in development where all courses will be listed, and you will be able to claim a course within a milage radius of your home postcode. We currently offer courses, by SMS, Email, and phone call. We sometimes use the DVSA date base of approved driving instructors if we have too much work that exceeds a more than acceptable waiting time for customers. This is currently at 12 weeks.

How to claim a course

Claiming a course is easy, you can reply to an email, SMS or even call us to claim a course. Soon you will be able to do it quickly and directly in our app. Normally, the courses are allocated on a first come first served basis. However, we have a program for priority courses. This is explained under the “Priority” heading.

False pretences

It is forbidden for any ADI to claim a course with the intention of only receiving payment and no intention of fulfilling the course. Sadly, this has happened on too many occasions. Therefore, every course schedule we receive, our allocations department call the customer to confirm your agreed start date. Should the customer not confirm your agreed start time and date, no payment will be scheduled. This may lead to the course being reallocate and you may possibly be removed from our list of approved course instructors.

Understanding an intensive course

An intensive course is not the same as traditional driving lessons. It is a method of delivering all training hours in a condensed period. This allows the customer to reach a safe “test standard” of driving much sooner than completing one or two hours a week over six months or more. However, an intensive course should be prepared with understanding of scheduling the required training to the needs of the customer in the time provided.

Intensive, semi-intensive or bespoke

An intensive course is from 2-6 hours a day, usually over consecutive days. A semi-intensive course is multiple sessions a week with some days off and can be completed over a longer period. A bespoke course is where you will agree a schedule with your customer that caters for their specific requirements.


You can receive priority courses in your preferred postcodes by allowing My Intensive Cours, to list the business as a Google business listing from your home postcode.

Google business listing

A Google business listing allows My Intensive Course, to be advertised in your local area. This provides access to many more courses in your area. This is not compulsory.


Courses are allocated to instructor on a first come first served basis unless the booking is in the listed area where we have an ADI on priority from their home postcode.

The customer

Any customer provided by My Intensive Course, remains a customer of My Intensive Course, until the conclusion of the course. At no point are you to advise the customer any differently.

Contacting the customer

As soon as you are allocated a customer, you have 48 hours to make contact to introduce yourself from My Intensive Course, and arrange the course schedule. If you have not contacted the customer within 48 hours, we may look to reallocate the customer.

Arranging a start date

When arranging a course start date, please ensure you do not start for at least seven days. The reason is to allow us time to collect the balance payment from the customer and schedule your payment. If you arrange a start date for less than the seven days, it may lead to you starting the course prior to payment being made to you. In the unlikely even the customer then cancels after having hours with you, we will be unable to collect the remainder of the payment from the customer.

When arranging a course schedule

When you arrange the course schedule, ensure the first hour is the assessment to establish the level of the customers current ability. It is the customer’s responsibility to book enough hours on an intensive course.

Course schedule

This is a proposed schedule of the full course. Please always keep two hours back to cover the driving test as this may not fall on the final proposed day due to the ongoing delays with driving tests.

Door to door

We offer a door-to-door service. This means the customer provides a pickup address at the time f booking. If you are successful with claiming the course, it is mandatory you pick the customer up and drop them off at the agreed address. If the customer requests another address this is at your own discretion.

ADI fee

We set the rates for our intensive courses all over the UK. The rates meet that of for the demand of intensive courses. We are not able to negotiate higher than advertised prices unless we have increased the price point in the area. The fee you agree at the point of allocation of the course to you, is what you will be paid. You must not come back and ask for more after committing to the course so please check the location of the course before accepting.

How and when you will be paid

You will be paid by direct bank transfer 48 hours before your course start date providing the course is scheduled for seven o more days later.

Charging additional fees

It is forbidden under any circumstances to attempt to charge the customer more than the rate you agreed. There is no such thing as, test day insurance cover, car hire, additional journey home time. Should a customer report this to us you will be required to pay back the whole amount you were paid, regardless of any used hours. You will also be struck off our list of approved course instructors.

Sub-contracting a course

It is strictly forbidden to sub-contract any of our intensive courses to anyone else. It is a requirement and company policy to ensure we know the course instructor and they are registered with us. This is mainly for safeguarding. However, it is our prerogative as a business to chose who we work with, and you may be passing work onto a PDI or and ADI who has previously been struck off by us.

Keeping it intensive

An intensive course is done over consecutive days. Should you not be able to meet this demand, please do not accept the courses specifically offered out as, “intensive”. If you accept a course and do not fulfil to the customers requirements, you will be required to replay all the fee paid to you, regardless of any used hours as the course will need to be reallocated as a whole course.

Scheduled course hours

Any hours you schedule must be fulfilled. You will not have any spare time on an intensive course to rearrange hours you cancel. If you cancel hours and they can not be slotted back in, you will be required to repay the whole course fee and the driving test fee. Furthermore, this gives the customer grounds for a full refund, and you will then be required to repay the deposit fee to the business.

Diluting hours

If a customer has chosen to do the hours intensively and you accept that during the allocation process, you must fulfil the course as “intensive”. You must not under any circumstances attempt to change the course hours to more spread-out lessons. This is what we call diluting hours. This provides the customer with the opportunity and the right to ask for a refund as the product is no longer as advertised or sold. The bank will support the customer with this should the customer opt for a bank chargeback. If this happens, you will be required to pay the whole course fee and course deposit back to My Intensive Course, immediately.

Unused hours

If for any reason you do not complete all course hours you are required to repay any balance left over back to My Intensive Course, immediately. This must also be paid back at the same hourly rate you were paid at. We do not accept any attempt of an admin charge imposed by an instructor for returning fees.

Re-arranging course schedule

You must not try to rearrange course hours without agreement from the customer and informing the office. There must be a good enough reason to do this. However, if the customer is not in agreement the course must run as previously agreed. If you decide to force the issue due to an unavoidable situation, such as illness, broken down vehicle etc. We will ask for proof to support the changing the schedule. If you are unable to support your reasons, the customer can force through a full refund with a bank chargeback. If this happens, we will request an immediate return of course fees including the course deposit.

Structuring the course

It is important to structure the course to the needs of the customer. You should use the first hour to assess their current ability and plan the following hours to provide tuition on the syllabus subjects the customer needs to improve on to be at a safe, independent standard for the driving test.

Fulfilling the course

Once you have accepted a course and the allocations department have transferred the customers details you must then fulfil the course. You must not decide to not contact the customer as they are fully expecting your contact to make arrangements for the course schedule. If you fail to contact the customer and not make the necessary arrangements, you will be taken off the course and possibly removed from our list of approved course instructors. If you fail to contact the customer after payment, we will have no choice other than to retrieve the course fee from you.

Breaks & comfort stops

During an intensive course, it is not safe or viable to expect the customer to drive for up to 6 hours with no brake. You must schedule breaks during an intensive course and these breaks MUST NOT come out of the course hours. We recommend at least a 15-minute comfort stop every 2 hours. This allows you and the customer to refresh and go again. You will also then have time to reflect on the completed session and assess the development and progress.

Ad-hoc (not planned) stops

If the customer requests any extra stops during the intensive course, these can be taken off the course hours. However, if you, the course instructor require additional stops for any reason. The time must not be deducted from the course hours.

Progress Report & time card

Every customer provided by My Intensive Course, will come to their first lesson with a progress report card and timecard. It is mandatory these are completed on every session. The progress report card proves you have covered the syllabus and the timecard shows the completed hours. This prevents the customer from claiming the hours were cut short or not completed.

Self-assessment – (Coming Soon)

All customer from My Intensive Course will come with a “self-assessment” form for each subject on the syllabus. This requires them to reflect on the subjects before the driving test. They need to score the self-assessment and read the notes of how to proceed. The score will tell them if they are not ready or ready for the driving test. If the score is a not ready and you decide you will not provide the car for the driving test, we will support your decision. However, it is advised the customer should be allowed to take the test if you feel they are not a danger to the public and have a realistic chance of passing their test. All DVSA examiners are happy to advise the customer the are not ready for a full licence and provide helpful further training advise in the debrief.

Short notice cancellation by customer

If the customer cancels any scheduled hours at short notice these hours are non-refundable.

Definition of short notice.

  • Intensive course with test book – cancelled hours are lost with no chance of being rearranged.
  • Semi-intensive course – 48 hours’ notice required, or hours and fees are forfeited.
  • Non-intensive – 48 hours’ notice required or hours and fees are forfeited.

Short notice cancellation by ADI

You must find an alternative time to fit the hours in before the driving test. If this is not possible you are responsible for the payment of a new test date. If the customer requests a refund, you will be required to repay the whole course fee to My Intensive Course.

Customer terms and conditions

The customer is bound by our terms and conditions. These are set up to protect the business and the course instructor. Your can find them on our website if you wish to read them.

Your driving school terms and conditions

You are not permitted to ask the customer to sign up to your terms and conditions as they are already tied into ours with a signed contract. Our terms and conditions protect the integrity of the business and the ADI. Our terms and conditions cover you for loss of earnings for short notice cancellations.

Cancelling course hours

You are not permitted to cancel course hours for any reason. If this happens the customer has the right to a full refund and you will be required to return the whole course fee, including deposit to, My Intensive Course.

Cancelling the course

You are not permitted to cancel a course for any reason unless the customer has acted in a threatening or criminal manner, and you feel you can no longer safely continue. However, you will be required to return the balance of the course fee back to My Intensive Course.

Theory test

If you accept a course from us and the customer has not passed the theory test, you must not encourage them to start the course early. The theory test must be passed before you can schedule any hours.

Accepting a driving test date

Once you have accepted a driving test date you must stick to it. If the driving test is subsequently missed, you will be required to pay the fee for another driving test.

Driving test

The driving test is the final hour of the intensive course. If the customer is not at a safe test standard, you are not obliged to take them or provide the use of your tuition vehicle for the driving test appointment. However, the time reserved for the driving test must them be used as lesson time.

Course completion

When a course is complete you must advise us the result. Furthermore, we ask you to provide a pass photo and a photo of both sides of the progress and timecard. If the customer leaves a trust pilot review, we will pay you a £10 bonus by bank transfer.

Inappropriate behaviour

You are expected to always behave professionally. If we have a report, you are behaving in a less than professional manor we will have no alternative other than to remove you from the course and request immediate return of the course fees and possibly the course deposit fee. We may have to remove you from our approved course instructor list.

Personal issues

At no time is it acceptable to be discussing personal issues with customers. This is a waste of valuable tuition time and professionally wrong.

Professional standards

You are a fully qualified professional driving instructor. You must ensure you standards are high, and you present yourself in the manner fitting the role. Always remain calm and in control. It is never ok to react angrily to any mistake a learner makes.

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