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My Intensive Course - ADI Partner Program

We pay a minimum of £36 per hour

No franchise fees, free theory study for your customers, discounted fast track driving tests and much more.

To work with us you need the DIS diary app – please use one of these links to download now.

Apple –

Android – We will send you the android link

Please read these terms and conditions of our ADI partner program

ADI Registration Form

ADI - Work With Us

  • Line 5 of your licence card
  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
    Found on the front side of your green badge
  • Please enter as, E1 E2 E3...
  • E.g. Pass Pluss, ORDIT
  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • We can offer you courses first in your area. To qualify, you need to allow us a google listing from your post code.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif.
    We need to send you an ID badge. Please upload a recent profile photo.
  • 1. I confirm I am an ADI not PDI and I am on the DVSA register of approved driving instructors. 2. I understand that all hours of any intensive course I accept must be completed building up to the customers driving test. 3. I understand I MUST NOT sub-contact any course provided by My Intensive Course LTD. 4. I understand I must contact the customer within 48 hours of accepting a course and continue to try and contact even if the customer does not respond first or second time. 5. I understand I must not arrange a start date with 7 days of from contacting the customer. 6. I understand if I should start within 7 days of contacting the customer I may risk not being paid on time. 7. I understand that I am not to accept a course and payment to then fail to fulfil the obligation. 8. I understand that should I fail to cover the course as set out in the allocation process, I will be required to return the whole fee, immediately. 9. I understand I am required to complete the customers progress and timecard at the end of every session. 10. I understand the timecard will be used as the only form of evidence in resolving any dispute over unused hours. 11. I understand the progress card is used to confirm all subject matters are covered in the intensive course to show as evidence should a customer claim a refund for incomplete training. 12. I understand that any customer provided to me by, My Intensive Course LTD will be treated with the professionalism the customer has the right to expect. 13. I understand the customer is one of My Intensive Course and must be treated as such through the intensive course. 14. I understand that regardless of my status as a self-employed driving instructor I am presenting My Intensive Course LTD while working with any pupil we provide you. 15. I understand the fee for any course from My Intensive Course is agreed prior to contacting the pupil and I will not under any circumstances ask the customer for more money. 16. I Understand I am prohibited from asking the customer for additional money to cover a higher rate of pay. 17. I Understand I am prohibited from asking the customer for additional money for, “test cover”. The test cover is included in the fee we agree during the allocation of any course. 18. I understand I am to pick up and drop off the customer from their nominated start and finish address agreed during the allocation process. 19. I understand that I am not allowed to ask the customer to meet me at an alternative location for convenience to myself. 20. I understand I am not allowed to charge the customer for travel time for any lessons or test day, regardless of distance. 21. I understand that if for any reason I decided to terminate the course at any time I will be required to repay the whole course fee I accepted during the allocation process. 22. I understand that I must fulfil the course within the boundaries of the customers preference at the time of allocation and will never attempt to dilute the course into regular driving lesson hours over a prolonged period. 23. I understand that an intensive course is from 2 – 6 hours per day, consecutively. 24. I understand that a semi-intensive course is less than consecutive days but more than 2 hours per week as agreed during the allocation process. 25. I understand the tests are automatically booked for a date range I accept, and I must confirm / decline the allocated test date and time within 24 hours. 26. I understand that if a driving test is missed through my own fault, I am responsible for paying for another test and fast track. 27. I understand that if I fail to comply with any of these rules, I will be required to immediately return all money paid for the course regardless of how many hours have been completed. 28. I understand that I must remain calm and professional throughout the whole of the intensive course. 29. I understand that I must schedule rest and refreshment stops if the course schedule is over 2 hours and they are NOT to be deducted from the course duration. 30. I understand that if the customer requests additional stops other than scheduled ones these can be deducted from the course hours. 31. I understand that should I (the ADI) require additional breaks during the course I must not take them off the course hours. 32. I understand I must behave a professional manner throughout the intensive course and not bring the name of the business into disrepute. 33. I understand that should I break any of the rules in this agreement I will be reported to the DVSA, training standards and any other professional body relevant to any specific situation.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.