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Yes, you can. We will issue a receipt digitally before you pay the cash. However, we have more secure methods of paying your course balance. These are online, over the phone or by bank transfer.

You will schedule this with your course instructor when they contact you to introduce themselves.

If you can not resole an issue with your course instructor you should contact us right away. We may not be able to deal with this effectively with a retrospective issue or complaint.

Yes, absolutely. For all our government approved driving instructors they are required by law to have a new criminal record check every three years.

Yes, absolutely. We never provide any course instructor who is not fully qualified.

We book all intensive courses fairly with all our course instructors. If you have a preference you should mention this at the time of booking.

In some cases, this may be possible. However, this will always lead to a significant delay in your intensive driving course and your driving test will need to be rescheduled. If this is short notice you may also need to book another test.

A field instructor is a fully qualified driving instructor who provides our intensive driving courses across the UK and specialise in your local area. This allows you to be picked up from home rather than travel to us.

Yes, you can find out all you need to know by following this link:

Category: Driving Tests

Across the UK the pass rate is as low as 45%. However, by taking an intensive driving course with us we have an 81% pass rate in manual and 83% in automatic.

Category: Driving Tests

If you fail your driving test you will need to take another test. We will stay with you until you are successful. There are options for a short, “test-recover” course. Often, we are able to secure a retest within 20 days. Your course instructor will advise you on how many additional hours you need to take.

Category: Driving Tests

If you are not ready for your driving test we will work with you, your course instructor and the DVSA to reschedule it for a later date. You should always book the course duration best for you and never under prepare for your driving test. You will need, 42 – 48 hours of qualified instructor tuition to prepare properly.

Category: Driving Tests

The DVSA make tests available during busy times for Saturday only. There is an additional charge of, £13.

Category: Driving Tests

Your driving test will be the final hour of your intensive driving course. We will confirm this at point of booking, or after you have passed your theory test if you have yet to pass.

Category: Driving Tests

Yes we can, this is an additional £62. We will e-mail you an invoice to pay online for the extended test. This is an additional £62.

Category: Driving Tests

If your driving test is cancelled, we will notify you straight away. If the DVSA cancel for bad weather, examiner no longer available or any other reason they will allocate a later date. We will work with you, your course instructor and the DVSA to bring the test to a closer date.

Category: Driving Tests

Yes, however this is not always possible due to the very short notice period. Please contact us to discuss dates.

Category: Driving Tests

We work with the DVSA to secure test dates. We can apply for cancellations through our account with the DVSA. We also use a fast track software system that searches constantly for earlier dates.

Category: Driving Tests

Yes, we can secure you a cancellation with your own driving test. This currently costs £12. We will need your driving test details to do this for you.

Category: Driving Tests

Yes, please inform us at the point of booking. We will reduce the course cost by, £62

Category: Driving Tests

Hazard perception is a part of your theory test. It is a series of interactive video clips you need to watch and react to. The videos are filmed from the drivers point of view where you will need to react to developing hazards.

Category: Theory Tests

The theory test is in 2 parts.

  • Multiple-Choice questions – Pass mark is 43 out of 50
  • Hazard Perception – Pass mark – 44 out of 75

Both parts must be passed on the same test. If you fail any part you will fail the whole test.

Category: Theory Tests

If you fail your theory test you will need to take another. If you have booked the theory test through us and have followed the training program, we will book and pay for every other attempt until you pass.

Category: Theory Tests

Yes, you can find all you need by following this link.

Category: Theory Tests

You will do your theory test at your local theory test centre. We will provide you all the details you need.

Category: Theory Tests

The theory test guarantee means you will pass first time. If you do not, we will book and pay for every other attempt until you do pass. Subject to following our tuition program.

Category: Theory Tests

With our training, the pass rate is, 98%.

Category: Theory Tests

Yes, we have a service available that can secure earlier dates the majority of the time.

Category: Theory Tests

Yes, we can book and manage your theory test as part of your booking.

Category: Theory Tests

A theory test is a compulsory part of learning to drive. You can not take a driving test in the UK without having first passed a theory test.

Category: Theory Tests

A refund will be offered in full if we are unable to complete your course. If you wish to cancel you will always be refunded the test fees and any course hours you have paid for. Please see our terms and conditions for full details.

The balance must be clear as this forms the majority of your course instructors salary.

No, to secure an intensive driving course with us you only need to pay the course deposit at the time of booking. The balance payment is due no later than 24 hours before your confirmed start date.

All payments are made either in full or by deposit and then a balance payment at a later date. If you require specific arrangements, please call the office and ask to speak to a manager who may be able to agree a payment plan with you.

This is down to the local are pricing for driving instructors.

All our intensive driving course are priced at the local area rate. Please enter your post code and select the options you require for your local prices.

As a course is a pre-defined number of hours and this is determined with our experienced course consultants, it is expected the number of hours you have booked will be sufficient. However, if you wish to use the first two hours two weeks before you course to determine if the course you have purchased is right for you, you are able to do this. If you need additional hours these must be confirmed through the office.

When booking you have the option to select a date by when you wish to pass your driving test. This is to guide us to the timeframe you require. However, the date you select will be made available if the DVSA dates for driving tests are available. There is no way possible of knowing this for certain at the time of booking. However, we have an exceptional record of achieving the dates our customers select.

All courses have a 6-month expiry date. See our terms and conditions for information on cancellations and fees. This is also discretionary, we are happy to extend all expiry dates with a call to the office and an explanation. Expiry dates are not enforced in times of circumstances where we are prevented from completing your course. Such as the coronavirus pandemic from March 2020.

Yes, providing you have given at least the two weeks notice.

Sickness is often unavoidable. However, if the hours are short notice and are not recoverable. Any course hours postponed after the first 48 hours will be rescheduled. If the driving test is within 5 working days the fee is lost and you will need to pay an additional, £62. We will book this for you. (These are the DVSA’s rules on test bookings).

If you cancel a lesson during the intensive driving course the hors are lost and no refund will be made. It is your responsibility to ensure you are available for all hours you have boked and paid for.

You can change your mind if it is before your course has began or if your course instructor also runs the alternative vehicle. Please note, automatic courses are more expensive than manual so you will need to pay the difference.

You will have no hours left over. There is no such thing at to many tuition hours and your course instructor will ensure you make the most of every minute you have together.

Any course that has started must be concluded within the allotted time. This is due to your driving test date being confirmed and your course instructors hours already being paid for.

The course schedule can be changed providing sufficient notice is given. (No less than 2 weeks). However, this will mean your driving test is likely to be affected.

Yes, it is our job and our instructors jobs to work around your commitments.

Yes, your course instructor will provide the vehicle and also make it available for your driving test.

We specialise in providing intensive driving courses. This can be a semi-intensive schedule. However, to fully benefit from the higher pass rate it is recommended you are committed to the condensed time frame. However, if you are unable to commit to this, your course instructor will happily schedule weekly driving lessons with you. The office will schedule your driving test on the recommended time scale of your course instructor.

Your course schedule is the dates and times set out for your intensive driving course. This also includes your driving test appointment.

The aim of an intensive driving course is for you to work with a qualified course instructor to gain your full, UK driving licence. Our instructors are experienced and have worked with many nervous learners before. As soon as you meet the instructor, that is the hard part over with. We will do everything we can to ensure your nerves are not an issue for you.

Your course includes the full amount of tuition hours minus one for your driving test and journey home. Your course includes your driving test fee and the use of the tuition vehicle for the driving test.

No, there is no possibility of reducing the hours as the course, when scheduled forms part of your instructors working hours and once scheduled and paid for this is secured as confirmed working hours / income for your course instructor.

You can add more hours to your course. However, it is always worth going for the maximum hours recommended on our website or over the phone with one of our course consultants.

Your course instructor will provide the tuition vehicle. You will also use this vehicle on your driving test.

The DVSA recommend a minimum of 46 hours tuition with a qualified driving instructor, plus 20 hours of private practice with an experienced driver. With an intensive driving course, the hours are needed are 42 – 48 hours with a course instructor and no private practice. To calculate the hours you need, simply deduct the amount of driving instructor hours you have had from 48 and then plus 6. You should then round this up to the nearest course we offer.

So, if you have had 20 hours with an instructor, you would need 22 + 6 = 28. The closest course to this is a 30-hour course. Or a 36-hour course if you are not a confident learner.

An intensive / crash driving course is the quickest way to complete your driver training to gain your full licence in the UK. This allows you to drive independently without supervision from the age of 17. In some cases, you may be able to take a driving test at 16 if you receive higher rate mobility allowance.

Your driving test will only be cancelled and refunded if your existing theory test certificate expires before the next available date for a driving test. In all other circumstances your driving test will be rescheduled for you to the very next available date.

Category: COVID-19

No! Your course and test dates are completely covered should anything change due to Covid – 19 restrictions.

Category: COVID-19

The criteria to qualify as a critical or key worker has been restricted to employees who match the DVSA’s guidelines. Here is their statement.


Emergency driving tests for critical workers

You can only get an emergency practical driving test if you’re a critical worker in England or Wales and you work for one of the following:

  • the NHS, in health or social care
  • the emergency services
  • a local council

You must also:

  • need to drive as part of your job
  • respond to ‘threats to life’ as part of your job
Category: COVID-19

No, all driving test centres remain closed during a lock down unless an individual customer has qualified with the criteria as a, “critical / key” worker.

Category: COVID-19

No, all theory test centres remain closes during a lock down unless an individual customer has qualified with the criteria as a, “critical / key” worker.

Category: COVID-19

No, all UK driving instructors are on the governments list of, “non-essential” workers unless they are working with a customer who has qualified the criteria as a, “critical / key” worker.

Category: COVID-19

Our office is in South Wales, but we are a national business covering all the UK

At Intensives UK we cover all UK mainland post codes and driving tests centres in Manual cars and the majority in automatic cars. Enter your post code on the booking page and we will confirm if we cover your area.

If you have a complaint about the business or our course instructors please start the process by e – mailing: – Provide as much information as possible so the correct person can deal with you complaint.

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