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All courses have a 6-month expiry date. See our terms and conditions for information on cancellations and fees. This is also discretionary, we are happy to extend all expiry dates with a call to the office and an explanation. Expiry dates are not enforced in times of circumstances where we are prevented from completing your course. Such as the coronavirus pandemic from March 2020.

Yes, providing you have given at least the two weeks notice.

Sickness is often unavoidable. However, if the hours are short notice and are not recoverable. Any course hours postponed after the first 48 hours will be rescheduled. If the driving test is within 5 working days the fee is lost and you will need to pay an additional, £62. We will book this for you. (These are the DVSA’s rules on test bookings).

If you cancel a lesson during the intensive driving course the hors are lost and no refund will be made. It is your responsibility to ensure you are available for all hours you have boked and paid for.

You can change your mind if it is before your course has began or if your course instructor also runs the alternative vehicle. Please note, automatic courses are more expensive than manual so you will need to pay the difference.

You will have no hours left over. There is no such thing at to many tuition hours and your course instructor will ensure you make the most of every minute you have together.

Any course that has started must be concluded within the allotted time. This is due to your driving test date being confirmed and your course instructors hours already being paid for.

The course schedule can be changed providing sufficient notice is given. (No less than 2 weeks). However, this will mean your driving test is likely to be affected.

Yes, it is our job and our instructors jobs to work around your commitments.

Yes, your course instructor will provide the vehicle and also make it available for your driving test.

We specialise in providing intensive driving courses. This can be a semi-intensive schedule. However, to fully benefit from the higher pass rate it is recommended you are committed to the condensed time frame. However, if you are unable to commit to this, your course instructor will happily schedule weekly driving lessons with you. The office will schedule your driving test on the recommended time scale of your course instructor.

Your course schedule is the dates and times set out for your intensive driving course. This also includes your driving test appointment.

The aim of an intensive driving course is for you to work with a qualified course instructor to gain your full, UK driving licence. Our instructors are experienced and have worked with many nervous learners before. As soon as you meet the instructor, that is the hard part over with. We will do everything we can to ensure your nerves are not an issue for you.

Your course includes the full amount of tuition hours minus one for your driving test and journey home. Your course includes your driving test fee and the use of the tuition vehicle for the driving test.

No, there is no possibility of reducing the hours as the course, when scheduled forms part of your instructors working hours and once scheduled and paid for this is secured as confirmed working hours / income for your course instructor.

You can add more hours to your course. However, it is always worth going for the maximum hours recommended on our website or over the phone with one of our course consultants.

Your course instructor will provide the tuition vehicle. You will also use this vehicle on your driving test.

The DVSA recommend a minimum of 46 hours tuition with a qualified driving instructor, plus 20 hours of private practice with an experienced driver. With an intensive driving course, the hours are needed are 42 – 48 hours with a course instructor and no private practice. To calculate the hours you need, simply deduct the amount of driving instructor hours you have had from 48 and then plus 6. You should then round this up to the nearest course we offer.

So, if you have had 20 hours with an instructor, you would need 22 + 6 = 28. The closest course to this is a 30-hour course. Or a 36-hour course if you are not a confident learner.

An intensive / crash driving course is the quickest way to complete your driver training to gain your full licence in the UK. This allows you to drive independently without supervision from the age of 17. In some cases, you may be able to take a driving test at 16 if you receive higher rate mobility allowance.

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