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The learners journey

Top tip: Have plenty of sleep, be fresh and have a light breakfast before each day without too much coffee. It can make you anxious, this disrupts learning!

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    Book & Pay

    When you have decided on the course that best suits you. You will pay a deposit only until we make the full arrangements.

    If you are unsure what course you need, check out our course calculator or call our experts for advice.

    Course Calculator
    0333 014 7072

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    Sourcing and Allocation

    As soon as your booking is processed, we will allocate you a course instructor within 4 weeks.

    This is normally much sooner than 4 weeks, but we may need some extra time in some areas due to the current demand.

  • 03

    Engage with online tuition

    An intensive course is a condensed amount of time to learn. Support this by making use of our online resources.

    By engaging in additional learning, you will ensure you are getting a step ahead leaving more of your in-car hours for practical tuition.

  • 04

    Confirm course schedule

    Your course instructor will contact you to arrange all your hours and submit the confirmed schedule to your course coordinator. This will be sent to you for confirmation.

    It is important that your schedule matches your course instructors to ensure the dates we aim for are met.

  • 05

    Reserve 2 hours for test day

    You need at least 2 hours to cover your test appointment. This is one hour practice, 40 minutes for the test and 20 minutes for debrief and journey home.

    If you live a long way from the test centre, you may need to reserve an additional half an hour for the journey home.

  • 06

    Pay course balance

    We will send you a request for the balance payment. This is usually by bank transfer to keep the cost down.

    As soon as your course schedule is confirmed you will need to pay the outstanding amount in full no later than 7 days prior to your confirmed start date.
    (Unless you have booked with our finance option).

  • 07

    Complete course

    Ensure you stick to the scheduled hours as it is normally not possible to reschedule the hours due to the time constraints.

    Ensure you are fully prepared for your scheduled hours. You will miss out on vital tuition time if you fail to attend for any reason. Your course instructor is not responsible for refunding missed hours, they are lost hours.

  • 08

    Take your Test

    Your driving test will be scheduled for the final day of your course. 95% are confirmed, however in some areas there may be up to a 14 day wait.

    If your driving test does not land within 2 weeks of your final day we will add in additional fast tracking resources to speed the process up.