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More information on your intensive driving course booking

Your Course Hours

All our intensive courses include your driving test, daily home pick up and drop off and the use of the tuition vehicle for the driving test.

The number of hours you book with us includes the hour for the driving test.

E,g. A 12-hour course is 11 training hours and 1 hour for your driving test, or a 30 hour course is 29 training hours and 1 hour for your driving test.

Your course will be done over several days building up to the driving test. You are free to schedule the hours directly with the course instructor. This will be either 2, 4 or 6 hours per day.

Your Course Structure

If you are a beginner, your course instructor will take you through the whole syllabus during your time together. The aim is to become independent in all aspects. If, however, you have had previous time with a driving instructor you will not start at the beginning. Your course instructor will work with you to recap anything you have already covered and fill in all the parts you have not.

If you have previously had a driving test, then your course will be used as a refresher to go over the parts of your last test that were marked down as faults.

Your Theory Test

If you have chosen to book your theory test through us, or if you have a theory test booked, we are delighted to offer you full training, including all the material you need to study. We also offer you unlimited attempts* At NO extra cost!

Your Driving Test

As a licenced provide of driving test bookings, all our intensive courses include a pre-booked and fast-tracked DVSA driving test. If you have one booked already, please remember to click NO on the question, “Would you like a practical test”. This will reduce the deposit amount accordingly.

Your Instructor only work with fully qualified, government approved driving instructors (ADI), who have an up-to-date DBS (criminal record) check. We do not work with trainee instructors as intensive driving courses require a level of experience that is gained over a period of qualified tuition. Ask your instructor to see their ADI badge. If it is pink, they are a trainee without qualifications. If it is green. You have the right person with you.

Your Success

At we love nothing more than hearing the amazing news you have passed your driving test or theory test.

When you do pass a test, we may well drop you a message asking you to offer us your honest feedback on our Trust Pilot page.

Also, your course instructor will ask you for a photo of you with your pass certificate at the end of your course. We use this for our social media so others can see our shared success.

Your Payments

All our intensive driving courses are payable either in full, or by deposit and a final balance payment.

Your deposit covers the course booking, testing fees, theory support, instructor contract payment and administration fees. The balance payment makes up the majority of the instructor’s salary and is VAT free.