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How to pass your driving test by learning vital skills, managing nerves and taking mock tests.


Passing your driving test gives you independence and freedom. But many learner drivers take their test too early, leading to a failed test, disappointment, extra costs and delays to getting on the road. Are you ready to pass?

Skills you need to pass your driving test

Find out about the 27 skills you need to learn to pass your driving test and be a safe driver.

Managing driving test nerves

Get advice about how to manage your driving test nerves so you can focus on passing your test.

Taking mock driving tests

Find out why people who take mock driving tests are more likely to pass the real thing.

Taking the driving test

Find out how the driving test works, what you need to take on the day, and how you can avoid common mistakes people make.

Helping a learner

Check the rules about supervising a learner driver, and get advice about how to make the most from practice sessions.