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Customer Refund Request will not refund any course due to delays out of our control as we are unable to retrieve any finances used to prepare your course. Any authorised refunds are paid by 5pm on a Thursday only and through bank transfer. The cut off point is 12pm. If your request is after 12pm it will be processd for the following Thursday pending authorisation. If you submit a request through your bank this can take up to 180 days to resolve and we are unable to assist in speeding this up.

Please read our terms and conditions before applying for your refund.

Terms & Conditions


To access a refund, you MUST complete this form.

  • Please tell us your full name.
  • Your pupil number can be found on your booking form e.g. P111222.
  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
    This should be the date you completed your booking and made payment.
  • This should be the mobile number we hold for you for contact.
  • Please note, all refunds are assessed individually. Not all will be authorised.
  • If you have your theory test booked with us, this may be deducted from the final approved amount to refund.
  • What car did you book to use.
  • This is on line 5 of your provisional / full driving licence card.
  • This is the amount you paid to secure your course.
  • This is the amount you paid to clear the whole amount of the course. This may have been paid at the point of booking, at a later date or not at all.
  • This should be the amount paid in total to Intensives UK.
  • Please give full details for your refund request. All refund requests are processed within 14 days in accordance with our terms and conditions and refund policy.
  • Please enter your 6 digit sort code
  • Please enter your 8 digit account number
    I confirm I understand I may not be entitled to a refund. All refund requests within 24 hours of booking are automatically approved. All refund requests due excessive waiting time over 18 weeks will also be approved unless there are circumstances extending the 18 weeks. Such as an expired theory test, or a customer who has moved their own test with a cancellation app. All other refund requests are subject to investigation by our business manager. A decision will be made within 10 working days. All approved refunds will be paid by your chosen method the next following Thursday. You will be informed of our decision by email. You will also receive the cleared account statement. If your refund request is declined, you will be eligible for a course cancellation. This entitles you to the test fees and any balance payment. For this, please visit the help centre and complete the, cancel my course form. Please note, at the point of booking you agreed to our terms and conditions and the company refund policy. My Intensive Course LTD will always work within the guidelines of the company policies.