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Terms & Conditions

Cancellation & Refund policy

Please ensure you have read and understood this page.

Terms & Conditions

Cancellation & Refund policy

Please ensure you have read and understood this page.


Terms & Conditions / Refund & Cancellation policy


  1. About My Intensive Course

My Intensive Course is a limited company with a training description of, “driving school activities. My Intensive Course are a nationwide establishment covering all UK driving test centres and mainland UK post codes. My Intensive Course do not directly employ any registered driving instructors, (ADI). All associated driving instructors are fully self-employed and responsible for their own financial affairs. However, My Intensive Course promote integrity and transparency and are willing to conform to any demands set out by any official government department for investigation purposes so as long as there is no breach of data protection.

  1. Recitals

My Intensive Course may also be referred to as, The Company, The Business, The Driving School, The Agency. Customers of My Intensive Course may also be referred to as, Pupil, Pupils, Learner, Learners, Candidate, Individual. Driving Instructors are referred to as; The Instructor, Your Instructor, ADI, ADI’s, Approved Driving Instructor.

  1. No Guarantees

My Intensive Course offer no guarantees of the following.

  1. Passing your driving or theory test.
  2. Passing your driving or theory test first time.
  3. A driving test on the final day of your intensive course.
  4. A driving test on a specific date you request.
  5. Starting your in car sessions within the advertised “average start date” period.

Furthermore, the calendar on the website is not offering guaranteed start dates. They are provisional start dates. Booking time off before receiving confirmation of your start dates from either the office or your course instructor does not entitle you to a refund.

  1. Customer Vetting

My Intensive Course will endeavour to accurately gauge the pupil’s current ability at the time of booking. In doing so we intend to establish the course duration most suitable for the customer. However, My Intensive Course will NOT be held responsible for miss-selling if the customer provides inaccurate information leading to the course you booked not being enough training time to prepare you for your driving test.

  1. Course payments

All intensive courses are to be paid for in two instalments. A non-refundable deposit and a fixed balance payment unless you chose the finance option. Your application is then for the full course amount and payable in respect of the finance agreement between you and our finance provider, Payl8r. All deposit and balance payments are clearly set out on the website.


5.1Inclusive of non-refundable deposit Payment

  1. Booking fee (VAT applicable)
  2. Software fast tracking (VAT applicable)
  3. DVSA driving test fee – (VAT exempt) Currently £62 (standard weekday)
  4. DVSA theory test fee – (VAT exempt) Currently £23 (if required)

5.2 Balance payment

Unless booking through the finance option your balance payment will be requested as soon as you have agreed your course start date with your course instructor. You must make sure the balance payment is clear in full, no less than 7 days before your course start date. If your balance is not received in full this can lead to your course being delayed. This can be up to several months to which no application for a refund will be authorised. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the payment is received.

Your balance payment is entirely non-profit for My Intensive Course and makes up the balance of your course instructors’ payment to cover the duration of your booking.

5.3 Paying your course instructor

My Intensive Course will pay your course instructor on your behalf. No cash payment to your course instructor are allowed unless authorised by My Intensive Course.

5.4 Not Included in your non-refundable deposit or balance payment

There are no additional tuition hours, theory tests, fast tracking or driving tests provided free of charge unless mentioned in the websites course description or on any official My Intensive Course promotional material.

5.5 How we receive payments

My Intensive Course receive payments via the following methods.

  • Over the phone by card
  • Online by card
  • Bank transfer / direct deposit
  • Secure pay by card link
  • Finance through Payl8r


5.6 Pay by finance

My Intensive Course is a registered credit introducer  appointed representative of Social Money LTD T/A Payl8r. A company registered in England under company number 08054296 and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority who are also entered on the financial services register under reference number: 675283. Registered with the office of the information commissioner reference number ZA026178. Payl8r’s terms of service also apply.



  1. Theory Test

My Intensive Course book and manage all theory tests unless the course does not require one or the customer has one booked before booking with us. By booking a theory test with My Intensive Course you consent to us using your personal details including the details on your provisional licence to do so.

6.1 Theory test pass promise

With all our intensive courses you have the option to add in a pass promise theory test. To qualify for the pass promise, you MUST complete the revision material provided by My Intensive Course. Your scores must show no less than:

Multiple Choice: 100% Mastery & 95% Average Score

Hazard Perception: 100% Mastery & 80% Average Score

  1. Driving Test

My Intensive Course book and manage all driving tests unless a customer books with a pre-booked driving test through the public booking system.

All driving tests booked by My Intensive Course are done so through our licenced business booking service with the DVSA.

The driving test is subject to a strict 5 working day notice period to move or cancel an appointment. If the driving test appointment is missed through negligence by a registered My Intensive Course driving instructor, he/she will rebook or refund the cost of the driving test at no extra cost to the customer. However, if the driving instructor feels the customer is not at a safe standard of driving, they are within their right and fully supported to refuse use of their training vehicle for the purpose of the driving test. There is NO grounds for ANY refund should this be the case. The driving tests we offer are only booked through our account with the DVSA. However, as with ALL responsible providers we only advise the TRUE test time availability and not that of “potential” cancellations. There is no quicker way to book driving tests and the waiting times at test centres is not under our control. However, we can list for cancellations should the test date you are offered not be suitable for you. By booking an intensive course with My Intensive Course you agree for us to use your personal information and the details of your driving licence to book and manage a driving test on your behalf.

7.1 Your driving test / placeholder test

When booking a driving test, it is not always possible to secure a test in your preferred locations. However, we will always book a driving test to obtain the crucial driving test reference number. The first test booked may be at a location some considerable distance from your home / pickup address. This is not where you will take your driving test. This is a placeholder used to access our fast-tracking systems / test transfer systems. Do not cancel this test, it is essential to securing a driving test in your preferred test centres.


7.2 Fast track / test transfer

Fast track and test transfer are names used by My Intensive Course to describe our services in moving your driving test to a preferred location and earlier date/time.


7.3 Driving Test Dates

In the UK there is very few driving test appointments within the approaching six months. This is due to the overwhelming demand on the DVSA due to the two years of intermittent closures relating to Covid 19 lockdowns / restrictions. To provide you with a driving test date we may need to book a “placeholder” date. See 7.1


  1. Course Start Dates

Course start dates are confirmed with your appointed course instructor. There is no guarantee to be the same date as the online calendar for a preferred start date. Our nationwide average is 4 weeks from booking, but this is a preferred date, not a confirmed date. If you do not start your course within 4 weeks. This is not grounds for a refund.

  1. Course Duration

The duration of any intensive driving course sold by My Intensive Course is established at the point of sale. Whether that is through our website or over the telephone. Should more hours be added to a course after the initial booking the hours will be subject to additional charges to be paid through My Intensive Course.

  1. Course Schedule

My Intensive Course send a request for the course schedule to your intensive course instructor. As soon as we receive this we send a request to the customer for a confirmation of course schedule. This is to ensure both parties submit the same schedule of course hours ensuring both parties have indeed communicated and agreed to the schedule.

  1. Additional Lessons

If any additional lessons are required before or after the driving test, they should be booked through My Intensive Course. Any lessons booked directly with the driving instructor are exempt from the My Intensive Course terms and conditions.

  1. Driving Instructor & Driving Instructor Responsibility

All My Intensive Course appointed driving instructors are fully qualified and self-employed and are governed by the DVSA. They all hold a current Criminal record check and are on the national register of approved driving instructors. (ADI).

All driving instructors have a responsibility to ensure they are up to date with changes in the training and development of learner drivers. The driving instructor is also responsible for their on-going development know as CPD.

  1. Driving Instructor Contracts

All My Intensive Course driving instructors are expected to sign a pre-course contract confirming they will ensure the course is delivered in the agreed time frame and that they will endeavour to prepare the pupil for the driving test. The instructor contracts are provided by My Intensive Course exclusively.

  1. Pupil & Pupil Responsibility

The pupil must have a current valid provisional licence. The pupil must show the photo card licence to the driving instructor on their first meeting. The pupil must take the photo card driving licence to the theory test and driving test centre. This is the pupil’s responsibility and neither My Intensive Course nor the driving instructor will be accountable for any situation where a pupil fails to bring the photo card licence with them.

14.1 It is also the responsibility of the pupil to ensure they do not book time off until a start date has been confirmed by either the office or the course instructor.

14.2 It is also the responsibility of the pupil to bring any prescription glasses / contact lenses if required for driving. Your eyesight check will take place the start of your driving test with the DVSA examiner. If you fail this test, your driving test will be cancelled, and no refund for your course, lessons or test will be provided. You will be required to pay for another driving test and more hours with your course instructor to cover your lessons and new driving test appointment.


  1. Refund & Cancellation policy – My intensive course operates a strict non-refundable deposit scheme.

15.1 Only the person who booked the intensive course can cancel the booking.

15.2 Cooling off period – you have 24 hours from booking to cancel your course for a full refund. If you cancel after 24 hours, you will receive only the driving test fees back. If you cancel your booking for any reason after the cooling off period you are not entitled to a full refund, only the included test fees. However, your booking will be placed on our “postponed” list and remain viable for a further three months. After three months, your booking will be cancelled and not recoverable.

15.3 All bookings are subject to your confirmation of reading and accepting the terms and conditions by ticking the relevant box online or providing verbal conformation if booking over the telephone. (Calls are recorded).

15.4 After 24 hours have passed from the exact time of booking, your deposit is strictly non-refundable apart from the inclusive driving test fee and if applicable the theory test fees. If you cancel your booking after 24 hours, we will return the test fees providing the cancellation does not fall within the 3 clear working days’ notice to cancel a  theory or driving test should we have already booked one. If we do not get three clear working days’ notice we will not return the test fees as they are non-refundable to us.

15.5 The current DVSA test fees are:

  • Standard weekday driving test – £62
  • Standard weekend driving test – £75
  • Extended weekday driving test – £124
  • Extended weekend driving test – £137
  • Theory test £23

15.6 If you have paid your course balance payment and your course has started, or due to start within seven days you are not entitled to a refund.

15.7 If you have paid your course balance payment this, can be refunded only if you cancel no less than 7 days before your course start date.

15.8 If your booking is over 4 weeks old and My Intensive Course have not allocated you to one of our course instructors you can apply for a pre-approved full refund. See the original terms and conditions sent to you when you made your booking.

15.8.1 If you booked before 31st July 2023 you are still bound by the 18 week non-refundable period. Please see previous terms here. terms and conditions 18wks

15.9 If you have been allocated to one of our course instructors and agreed a course schedule you will not be entitled to a refund of your course deposit. However, you will receive a refund of your balance payment.

15.10 To apply for a refund this must be done through our online application by using this link.

15.11 As soon as we receive your refund request a member of our team will asses the application are respond with an answer within 10 working days.

15.12 If your application is approved, we will return any due payments directly to your bank account on the next Thursday.

15.13 If your application is denied, you will receive this decision by email.

15.14 My Intensive Course will not be responsible for a refund for any of the following:

  • If you fail the DVSA eyesight check
  • If your driving test date is delayed due to DVSA strike action
  • If your driving test date is delayed due to bad weather
  • If your driving test date is delayed due to examiner sickness
  • If you lock your driving test with the DVSA
  • If you change your driving test appointment with a cancellation app / service
  • If you change your driving test appointment through the public system
  • If you chose to have a prescheduled course when booking
  • If you fail your theory test
  • If you fail your driving test
  • If you do not reach a safe standard of driving within the hours you booked
  • If you do not get along with your course instructor
  • If you change your mind after the initial 24 hours cooling off period
  • If you change your mind after you have started your intensive driving course
  • If you have missed course hours due to your own cancellations of any reason
  • If you do not complete your course hours
  • If your timecard and progress card are not complete by your instructor


  1. Course hours

16.1 You will agree a course schedule with your appointed intensive course instructor.

16.2 To complete the course hours you are required to have a valid provisional licence and present this to your course instructor on the first meeting.

16.3 (Intensive)The customer is responsible for attending all scheduled hours. Any missed hours are non-refundable and deducted from the total hours booked.

16.4 If you have agreed to a semi-intensive or customer hours-course with your instructor you are bound by their terms and conditions for short notice cancellation.

16.5 It is your responsibility to be on time for all scheduled lessons. If you are late, it is down to your course instructor’s discretion if they are willing to extend the pre-booked hours to compensate your late arrival.

16.6 It is not possible to change course instructor once allocated.

16.7 Any hours missed through instructor illness will be rescheduled between you and your course instructor.

16.8 You must make reasonable availability for your course hours.

16.9 You have six months from booking your course to complete the hours. If not, they are cancelled without a refund.

16.10 If you delay the start date of your intensive course you will be required to pay the difference in any upgraded balance payments.

  1. Postponed Bookings

17.1 If your course is placed on our postponed list, My Intensive Course will notify you by email to advise we require your assistance.

17.2 Your course will be placed on our postponed list 14 days after any request for further information to fulfil your booking if you do not provide the required information.

17.3 If your course is placed on our postponed list, you have three months to respond to us before your course is cancelled and any fees lost.

17.4 If your course is placed on our postponed list, the 4 week refund promise will no longer apply to your booking.

17.5 If your course is placed on our postponed list, the 4 week refund policy will begin as soon as your course is taken off the list and made viable with completed information.


My Intensive Course have a zero-tolerance policy with regards to abuse, violence, or harassment to any of our staff, course instructors, theory test centre staff or DVSA examiners. Any incidents reported to us will lead to your course being cancelled. Your deposit will not be refunded, and you may lose up to 100% of your balance payment.


  1. Complaints

We take any complaint seriously and will investigate any and all submitted to us. If you have a complaint, please follow this link to start the process. We will respond as quickly as we can and aim to have any complaint resolved within 14 days.


  1. Website & External Web Links

The website has been designed to reflect the purpose of the business. All information within is the work produced under supervision by My Intensive Course and is intended to promote the professional integrity of the business. There are no sensational claims within the website content and there is NO false or misleading advertising. However, if there is a discrepancy you find please use the complaints procedure in section 19. to notify the company.

Any external links to other sites are there with the agreement of the link owners. If you are a link owner and wish to be removed, please follow the complaints procedure in section 19.

Any images on the site are owned by My Intensive Course. Photos of past pupils are there by verbal / written consent.

  1. Changes to Terms & Conditions

My Intensive Course withhold the right to amend and change the terms and conditions without any prior public notification. We will endeavour to inform all active customers of change.


  1. Privacy Policy

Please follow this link for our full privacy policy.