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Why an intensive driving course with us at

Covid – 19 & Your Intensive Driving Course

If you booked your course with us before or during the times of Covid – 19, you are totally protected by our, secure course guarantee. This means, no matter how long we have to wait or how many enforced delays through regional or national lock downs, your course will NEVER expire, and you WILL NOT lose your money. Your test dates are purchased at the point of booking and have NO expiry date or limit to how many times they can be moved. However, we are not able to offer refunds on prepared courses that become delayed due to theory & driving test delays or examiner & instructor delays.


The Quickest Way To Passing Your Driving Test

This is not even up for debate! You can spend 6 – 12 months doing an hour or two a week and spend plenty more money to get a 40% chance of passing your driving test. Or you can spend 1 – 10 days with us. It’s such a “no-brainer” we gave up offering weekly lessons years ago!

82% 1st Time Pass Rate – Driving Tests

The UK has a first-time pass rate as low as 40% with weekly driving lessons. By taking on of our intensive driving courses, also known as a crash driving course, you are doubling your chances of passing the DVSA driving test 1st time.

(A driving test is never a guaranteed pass)

98% 1st Time Pass Rate – Theory Tests

Our team of office-based driving instructors will guide you to passing your theory test 1st time or we will book, manage, and pay for every attempt until you do pass*.

Quickest Theory & Driving Tests

One of the many benefits to taking an intensive driving course is to pass your theory and driving tests quicker than traditional methods. At we are an authorised and licenced provider of theory and driving test bookings with the DVSA. We have access to the full DVSA data base of driving and theory tests through our business booking service accounts. We also have access to cancellations 365 days a year. And if that is not quick enough, we have access to cancellations through other resources. This is 100% effective!

Automatic & Manual

We cover the whole of the UK in manual and most of the UK in automatic. If you are booking online and the option is there for you to book with both then rest assured, we cover your area.

Our Resources

Perfection is a dream. To even get close we must invest in the best training resources in the country. Our theory platform is the UK’s leading service with the experts at, Theory Test Pro. Right through to our custom theory training program developed by our own, in-house team of driving instructors. This is why we offer a free retests until you pass! You can study on any device!

Customer Service

Here at,, we understand that without you, our valued customers, we simply would not exist! We strive every day to be better than the day before. When it comes to helping you fulfil your ambition of gaining that full driving licence, it is out absolute priority to ensure we are with you every step of the way.


Male & Female Instructors

Here at we have no preference over male or female. Our only criteria are, are they reliable, can they successfully deliver a course, is their car fit for the task and do they meet our qualification requirements. In saying that, we understand you may have a preference, so please ask.

We Cover Every Post Code & Driving Test Centre

We are very proud to tell you we cover every single post code and driving test centre across the UK.

Secure Payments

Purchasing online can be daunting for anyone. Therefore, it is crucial that we help provide you with the confidence to book securely online. All transactions, over the phone or online are made through, PayPal, who are a worldwide payment processing service with exceptional trust and security. Trusted by businesses the world over.

Honesty & Integrity

We are strong believers in making sure we do all we can not to mislead you with our promises.  We all understand that sometimes things do not go according to plan. However, we will never tell you anything we cannot deliver. We are not promising to get you a licence tomorrow. However, what we do offer, we will deliver. Please remember, the global pandemic has caused delays out of our control.


We know learning to drive is not cheap. We also know that booking a service over the phone or online sometimes feels a little risky. At, we pride ourselves on regular contact. Not just at the time of booking. All the way through to your theory preparation and official confirmation of tests, even updates related to your intensive driving course.

Research & Development

Leading the way is what we are all about at Every day we are constantly evolving as a customer focused business, and this does not stop with the basics. We are pushing our suppliers, instructors, and services to be better all the time. We invest in improvement continuously and will rest at nothing to stay ahead of any competition!

Fully Qualified Driving Instructors

We are a team of driving instructors and understand that we all had to start our career at some point. However, an intensive course is not for the inexperienced instructors. We expect a whole syllabus delivered in a condensed amount of time and this calls for experience. All our driving instructors are fully qualified, UK trained, Government approved, and criminal records checked. We have no leeway with this, it is our way or no way. Most UK driving schools offer work to trainee instructors as a way of covering all lessons and courses. Not us! We have over 2000 registered and trusted instructors so when you book with us you can be assured you will have fully qualified and experienced tuition.

Business Services

We get a lot of calls asking if we can invoice a business for a course booking. The answer is yes. We are always happy to work with employers looking to get their staff on the road. Also, we don’t charge any extra for this.

Intensive Driving Course Specialists

At we specialise only in, quick pass intensive driving courses, also known as crash courses or crash driving courses. We cover all of the UK and have 1000’s of fully qualified, criminal record checked and UK government approved driving instructors who specialise in training you to the UK driving test standard. If you also need to pass your theory test, we offer a guaranteed pass with full training.